I’ve always known that I’d end up in a career dedicated to helping people.

So, it’s no surprise that this: habitual list maker, organizing enthusiast, design lover, and overall helper became an attorney.  My name is Kenyatta and employment law is the area of law that I enjoy most. Often times, people feel their jobs are a part of their identity.  So, having workplace issues or losing a job can be rough. I really can’t think of a better way to practice law than to help someone through such a difficult time.

So, I’ll share some of my background because people expect to see that kind of stuff, right?!  I earned my B.A. with honors in English from Tennessee State University in 2001, then I moved to Michigan! I earned my Juris Doctorate at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School in 2004.  I was excited when my family traveled to Indiana to watch my admittance to practice in the State of Indiana, and in both the Southern and Northern Districts of Indiana. So, I can’t explain to you, just how happy I am to work with people throughout East Central Indiana.

 So much so, I founded the Cox Law Firm because I needed to take charge over my schedule to provide a personalized service to each of my clients.  Before founding Cox Law Firm, I enjoyed my work as the Assistant City Attorney for the City of Richmond.  I met a City full of wonderful people, and really had an opportunity to explore Government and Employment issues.  I probably experienced the most growth as an employment and litigation attorney at a leading law firm in Muncie, Indiana. At Defur Voran, I had the opportunity to practice in both state and federal courts.

Please take a few minutes and check out the website.  If I can help you with any of your employment law needs, please feel free to contact me.

Warm Regards,